Has your company avoided the international market because of the regulations, documents, shipping, and financial risks (to name a few)?

Has your company participated in the international market passively, accepting random orders through the web? Assigning dealers in random countries upon request? Think of the opportunities you’re missing!

With more than 30 years experience managing sales to more than 100 countries our President, Rich Sher, knows how to export and can help your company increase your international business. We are commission (not fee) based so our compensation is based solely on the incremental business we can bring to your company.

We can help with your...

International Sales

Development of an international dealer network

International finance (letters of credit, sight drafts, etc.)

International logistics (air and ocean freight, documentation)

Preparation of international bids and quotations

Mailing list development, market research, web promotions.

Rich Sher

As the International Marketing Director of Gaylord Bros., Inc. (an institutional furniture and supply company)  Rich led the division’s sales, financial, logistics and administrative activities  covering a market of  100+ countries for more than 30 years.  Rich  managed an international direct mail program centered on a 1,000 page corporate catalog. and designed global E-mail marketing programs, multi-lingual collateral mail pieces and web promotions.  He also formed and directed a global dealer network, establishing sales objectives and  coordinating large project bids and installations.

A skilled negotiator, Rich has conducted presentations to project committees and high-level decision makers in numerous foreign government and multilateral NGO agencies.  An outstanding closer, Rich negotiated a post-war $4 million reconstruction project with the Government of Kuwait, the largest and most profitable sale in company history.  He has also  completed major projects in Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Japan, Taiwan, Guam, Ghana, Ethiopia, Marshall Islands, Guam, Argentina, Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, Antigua,  and Puerto Rico.

Rich employs a team approach so that everyone understands their role and the things to be considered when handling an export order or opportunity. Too often companies leave export seminars overwhelmed by the details of international business.  Rich breaks the process down so that key players understand their roles and are comfortable with the process, from the person managing the sales to the person packing the order.  This leads to less stress within the organization, more profitable sales, and a path to global success.

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